Microwave Heating Pads for Neck Shoulder Pain

Neck Shoulder Microwave Heating Pad for Pain

Moist Heat Therapy for Neck and Shoulders

Microwave heating pads specifically designed for the neck and shoulders are an all natural, reusable option for the very common complaint of neck and shoulder discomfort. Localized shoulder and neck pain is an extremely common annoyance (or worse!) and can be a result of many causes.  Wether the pain is from a long time chronic problem like degenerative disc disease, or simply looking down while texting, neck and shoulder pain can be agonizing. 


Despite the explanation for pain in the shoulders and neck, moist heat from a microwavable heating pad is an ideal natural solution.  Moist heat penetrates damaged tissue to increase circulation.  More available blood flow raises oxygen and nutrient levels in the surrounding painful tissue.  Thus, bringing not only temporary pain relief, but also natural healing to the afflicted neck and shoulder area.


An extremely common reason for neck and shoulder discomfort is todays technological lifestyle.  Moist heat from a microwave heat pack can bring almost immediate relief to aching, stiff and inflamed tissue.  Looking down at a cell phone or tablet, texting, or long hours at a desk often leads to neck pain that can be damaging long term and extremely distressing.  It's always best to try to raise your phone or tablet to eye level when reading, scrolling, swiping or texting.  Do not sit at a desk without getting up to stretch and walk around for more than an hour at a time.   Text neck is real and should be taken seriously.


Chronic causes of neck and shoulder pain can also be aided with moist heat from a microwave heating pad.  Degenerative disc disease or degenerative arthritis may pinch nerves that can lead to excruciating pain of the neck and shoulders.  Sometimes the pain radiates from the neck, down the shoulders and into the back.  The head can also be effected when nerves in the neck are pinched and irritated.  Moist heat loosens tight muscles and tendons to relax and soothe the painful nerves.


Fibromyalgia is a painful disease that generally affects women, though men have been known to suffer as well.  Little is understood about this painful condition but it is thought to effect nerves causing widespread pain throughout the body.  Trigger points are frequently the most painful areas of discomfort, often affecting the neck and shoulders the most.  Soothing heat on trigger points transmitted by a microwave heating pad is one of the most effective natural solutions for fibromyalgia flares.


Ferapeutic microwave heating pads offer a hands free solution to natural pain relief. The neck and shoulder packs are explicitly designed to fit the neck and shoulders while delivering healing moist heat. Ferapeutic microwave heat packs give temporary soothing relief and also use the healing powers of the body's natural resources to aid in long term regeneration.