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Soothe Neck and Shoulder Pain with our Microwave Heat Pack. Uniquely designed Neck Shoulder Microwave Heating Pad works as a hot pack or cold pack. Heat Therapy Wrap reaches high up on the neck, around the shoulders and across the upper back.

Why customers have made our Neck Shoulder Heat Pack our most popular product...

"LOVE this microwave heat pack! Has SO much more coverage than store-bought packs and it stays warm for a long time. It is just what I wanted. Wonderful seller in every way~Thank you so very much!! A+++++++" - Carmen

I use this hot pack almost everyday. I highly recommend it if you have cervical issues. Hits all the spots the other popular bags don't. Thanks so much. - Leah

"Finally! A heat pack that covers your shoulders, upper back and neck all at once! Perfect design to provide heat or cold to remove the tension in your shoulders at the end of the day. - Ann

"Wonderful heat pack for my Fibromyalgia pain! This one covers my neck, shoulders, and shoulder blade areas. Very nicely made and shipped quickly." - Kara
Filled with natural flaxseed and rice for maximum moist heat retention, Neck Shoulder Microwave Heating Pad measures 24" x 12". Warm in the microwave for relaxing moist heat or chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack.

*** You will be asked to indicate Unscented, Lavender or Chamomile during the check out process.

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