Large Microwave Heat Pad, Rice Bag Heating Pad, Heat Cold Pack

Large Microwave Heat Pad is a heat or cold pack. Large rice bag is a heating pad when warmed in the microwave or a cold pack when chilled in the freezer. Generously filled heat pad measures 18" x 10", is double stitched for durability and has four sewn in channels.

Customers say...
I use this microwave heat pad every day for my hips and back. Thank you so much for this wonderful, well designed product.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the large size! Thank you for not skimping on the filling like the heat cold packs from the drugstore. Yours is far superior in construction and materials.

Fast shipping - wow! Feels like I just ordered this rice bag and it's already at my door. I love it!

We fill our large microwave heat pads with rice and flaxseed which provide long lasting heat and cold therapy. Natural pain relief from heat cold packs can provide muscle relaxation and healing from increased bloodflow and reduced inflammation.

*** We'd love to scent your large microwave heat pad if you prefer aromatherapy with your relaxation. You'll be asked to indicated unscented, lavender or chamomile during the check out process.

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Not intended to treat any illness - please use for comfort only.
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