XXL Extra Large Heating Pads, Microwave Heated Lap Blanket, Hot Cold Body Wrap

XXL Extra Large Heating Pad for Microwave is a heated lap blanket. Hot or cold body wrap measures a whopping 26" x 18" and has 16 separate sewn in sections for even heat distribution. Curl up with soothing heat from this extra large body wrap or wrap yourself in refreshing coolness from the freezer.

Customers say...
This is my third heat pad purchase from this shop - all are wonderfully crafted and feel great!

My wife used this when going through a difficult health issue. She said the heated lap blanket was really comforting. Thank you!

Used the XL heat pack in the hospital after surgery and it worked great, highly recommended!

Oh my, I LOVE to snuggle up with this heated lap blanket while reading at night. So soothing and warm. Thanks for the quick shipping and great customer service!

We fill our extra large heating pads with rice and flax which provide a long lasting moist heat. All microwave heat packs are double stitched for durability and generously filled for comfort.

*** You will be asked to indicate unscented, lavender or chamomile scent during check out.

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Not intended as medical advice or to treat any illness. Please use for comfort only.
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