Thumb Wrap Wrist Heat Wraps, Hot Cold Packs for Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis

Moist heat wrap for thumbs, wrist, hands can help repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel and tendonitis. Heat relaxes muscles in the thumb, hand and wrist to ease pain and improve mobility. With texting, gaming and keyboarding, our thumbs are overworked more than ever!

Thumb Heat Wrap is filled with flaxseed and rice which provide warm, moist heat when microwaved or cool relief when chilled in the freezer. Velcro secures the wrap around the wrist for a secure fit. Four sewn in sections insure even heat or cold distribution.

For your Heat Thumb Wrap, you will be asked to indicate unscented, lavender or chamomile scent during the check out .

Customers Say:
I have been suffering from "trigger thumb" , a painful tendinitis of the thumb. Warm massage of the tendon is important and this has been a blessing! Thanks for the relief!

Love the wraps! The thumb wrap is even great to wear while typing; I'm wearing it right now! Excellent products :)

Very well made heat wrap. Arrived just several days after ordering. Really helps my hand after knitting too long.

I'm embarassed to say my thumb hurts because I text way to much. This thumb wrap is the perfect solution! It looks great, makes my thumb and wrist feel wonderful, and I can wear it while texting!
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