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Our Next Adventure!

We are preparing part our small farm to grow Lavender, Chamomile and a few other plants and vegtables .  We will use both Lavender and Chamomile Flowers and Oil in our microwave heating packs, so we thought it would be fun to grow our own flowers and distill our own oil. We also thought it would be fun to drive old tractors and get muddy whenever we wanted!

One of my favorite views in the world, facing the South Mountains from the lower slope of the farm.

My old turning plow needing bolt on moldboards.

The fist lavender plants ready to go in.

With the help of a welder we cut some edges that "fit".

So over the last several months we have gathered up all the equipment we thought we might need. We then bought 70 Lavender plants and have began our growing career!  The Chamomile plants should arrive in about a month.

Buying all used and very old pieces is both cost effective and frustrating. No one I knew could identify the plow manufactor, so I had to find a welder to cut moldboards for it out of used motorgrader cutting edges.  Most everything out here envolves many "make it work" moments.  Tim Gunn would be proud I think.

We are also planning on growing Potatoes, Beans, Corn, Watermelons, Lettuce and Pumpkins.  They are estimating the probability of frost free to be around April 11th, that will start the planting season for these annual crops. Some will be planted as late as mid April. So we are waiting on dry enough conditons to plow the fields and start the process, it will interesting.

The gathering of the Ancient Tools!