Massage Therapy Using Moist Heat Pads

Moist Heat with Massage Therapy 

Heat therapy and massage therapy share similar goals and work together to help bring relief from muscle ache, joint pain, and overall pain.  Both heat and massage loosen tight muscles and tendons to help increase blood circulation.  This helps the body's own self healing.  In addition, massage and accompaning moist heat yields a feeling of calm and relaxation.


When incorporating moist heat to a massage routine, it's best to use a microwave heating pad, as it will provide the moist warmth that penetrates tissue to prepare the body for massage.  Rice bags made for specific areas of the body are excellent in this instance.  Electric heating pads utilize a dry heat that will not administer the same penetrating healing heat.  As the muscles and tissue relax, the body is better prepared to welcome a relaxing massage.  If the microwave heating pad also provides aromatherapy in the form of soothing lavender or chamomile, massage enjoyment and healing can be heightened.


For the ideal moist heat massage, begin by warming the rice filled heating pad in the microwave, usually for a minute or two, depending on the size of the heat pack.  To increase moist heat, place a cup of water in the microwave while heating or spritz the heat pad with water or an aromatherapy spray made for heating pads.  Leave warm heating pad in place on the back, neck, legs or wherever the massage will take place for approximately ten minutes.  Then remove heating pad and begin relaxing massage.


Ferapeutic offers many heating pads ideal for massage of different body areas and in many various sizes.  We provide moist heat packs for home use as well as massage therapists to use in their practice.  We are proud to work with massage professionals from all across the US and Canada.


*As always, if you have a serious health concern, please consult a physician first.