Spoonie Survival, Best Gift for Chronic Illness

Spoonie Survival Kit, Hot or Cold Packs

Spoonie Survival Kit

Spoonie survival can be a day to day thing.  Spoonies, or the chronically ill, can have pretty good days and extremely bad days (and nights)  Ranging from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome to lupus to dysautonomia, spoonies have many different diagnosis and often no diagnosis at all (the mystery illness!).  However, one thing almost all spoonies have in common is chronic pain.  That's where the spoonie survival kit comes in.


Ferapeutic's spoonie survival kit helps manage chronic pain and trigger points in the neck, back and even head.  Microwave heating pads for the neck, back, head and more are included in this chronic pain warrior kit.  Moist heat is one of the best natural treatments for pain and spoonies often rely on microwave heating pads to relieve the constant pain.  Used as cold packs, spoonies experience relief from headaches and eye pressure.


A neck wrap in the spoonie survival kit helps soothe aching neck and shoulder muscles.  Trigger points are often found in the neck and shoulder region.  These are areas that often cramp up and cause tremendous pain.  Nerve pain is also found in the neck.  Soothing warmth can help loosen tight muscles and calm overactive nerves.


The four chambered medium size pack is filled just enough to use perfectly on the lower back, knees and hips.  Aching, painful joints from arthritis to ehlers danlos syndrome can be excruciating.  Spoonies of all types can benefit from moist heat or cool on joints and tendons.


A contoured eye pillow is extremely helpful when headaches or migraines attack.  Spoonies often say that pain in the head is one of the worst symptoms of chronic illness.  When the head is on fire, it is almost impossible to live anywhere near a normal life.  Using the eye pillow cold can really help soothe head and face pain.


Ferapeutic is committed to designing products that help ease any part of the the spoonie's life.  If someone you love has a chronic illness, the Spoonie Survival Kit makes an ideal gift for any occassion.  We know the spoonie lifestyle because after an extreme adverse reaction to an antibiotic, Sally lives the spoonie life herself.  Ferapeutic is so honored to make products that support the spoonie community and aid chronic pain warriors and those who love them!