First Period, Cramps and PMS

First Period Gift Set for Cramps, Headaches and More


A young girl's first period can be an exciting yet sometimes painful occassion.  Menstruation in girls usually starts between the ages of 11 and 13, though may happen as early as 9 years old and as old as 16.  Often a girl's mom or other family member may want to give an appropriate first period gift to mark this remarkable time in a young's lady's life.  Ferapeutic offers an all natural first period kit to help with all the 'not so fun' parts of becoming a woman.


Cramps and painful ovulation are extremely common for teens and tweens.  This is generally the worst time of period pain in a woman's lifetime.  Painful cramps can happen before during and after a girl's menstruation, usually occurring in the lower back and abdomen.


Period cramps are caused because muscles of the uterus are designed to contract around the time of a girl's period.  This can be extremely painful, often leading to missed days of school and sleepless nights.  Though there are medications that can help, it is best, especially for young girls, to try to manage the pain of cramps naturally.  This is where moist heat therapy can be a God send.


Microwave heating pads designed for the midsection and lower back are an ideal solution to excruciating cramping.  Moist heat relaxes muscles therefore easing the pain of uterine contraction.  This all natural solution of heat packs can be used over and over again with no issue of side effects.


Headaches can also accompany a teen or tweens menstruation time.  Puberty is a time of changing hormones and hormone flulctuations are famous for bringing on headaches.  Increasing levels of estrogen in particular can cause head pain and pounding.


A cool compress is a workable solution to temporary headaches.  This natural treatment brings relief to a pounding head and helps calm painful aches.  Eye pillows chilled in the freezer can work wonders for hormone headaches and migraines.


Ferapeutic's First Period Care Package includes an 8" x 12" microwave heating pad to help with menstrual cramps.  It fits idealy both on the tummy and lower back.  Included is a coordinating contoured eye pillow that when used cold can abate hormone headaches.  The First Period Gift Set is offered in fun, vibrant fabrics to make any teen or tween happy.  Also included is an all natural aromatherapy spritzer to scent and moisten your packs.  Offered in lavender for relaxation or peppermint known for headache relief, the scented spritzer is sure to make any young girl woman smile.