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We design and make each microwave heating pad in our studio in Kings Mountain, NC, USA. We take great pride in the high quality of our fabrics, materials and design.

Each therapy heating pad is made with 100% cotton fabric on one side and thick comfy fleece on the other. All heat packs are double stitched for durability.

We fill our microwave heating pads with high grade long grain rice and organic flaxseed. The rice helps provide the moist heat that aching joints and muscles need for relaxation. The flaxseed's oil content helps with heat and cold retention.

Directions for Microwave Heating Pads:

As Heat Packs: Warm heating pads in the microwave in 30 to 45 second intervals. Check the temperature and shake filling in between heating intervals to insure even heat distribution. Because microwaves vary greatly in their cooking times, experiment with length of heating. Do not over heat.

As Cold Packs: When using the therapy packs as cold packs, chill in the freezer for an hour or more. We like to use the thin cotton fabric towards the body when using packs for cold therapy. The cold penetrates the thin fabric and the thick fleece on the outside acts as excellent insulation to keep the cold pack chilled longer.

Cleaning: When cleaning the hot or cold pack, use a very damp cloth to spot clean the outside fabric, just do not submerge in water. You can even use a spray cleaner like oxyclean if needed. The packs are automatically sanitized each time they are microwaved, so no worries there.

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Ferapeutic is completely committed to customer satisfaction. We've found that many businesses today don't seem to value their customers, and we aim to be the exception! We'll bend over backwards to insure your experience with us is a positive one. Repeat customers are the backbone of our business, and we only achieve that by providing excellent products and customer service.

If you are not completely satisfied with your microwave heat pad purchase, we're sorry to hear that, however, if you don't love it, you don't have to keep it! Simply return the item to us in its original condition and we'll issue a full refund or exchange.