About Us and What's New

Sally started designing microwave heat pads in 2008 for her mom who suffered with fibromyalgia. She began selling her hot and cold pack designs on etsy under the name theferriswheels, http://www.theferriswheels.etsy.com Sally's maiden name is Ferris and this was a tribute to her mom and dad. Our company is now Ferapeutic, LLC. Sally quickly learned that there was a need for unique and attractive therapy products and kept designing more styles. Her husband Chet joined the business in 2010.

We are always thinking of new heat pack designs to help ease every ache and pain. All microwave heat pads are made by us in the USA.

December 2020


What a year! Through all the trials, we have never appreciated our customers more. Thank you for supporting our small family business! We never take your patronage for granted. Merry Christmas!!

December 2019

Thank you so much to all our loyal customers for a fabulous holiday season! Our family has been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and we appreciate each and everyone of you! Have a warm and blessed Christmas filled with holiday cheer!!

We have moved our 'what's new with us' updates over to our Ferapeutic Blog Please keep a look out for new information on what Ferapeutic is up to and how we continue our mission to serve a wide range of therapy needs; from from a sore fitness work out to helping the chronically ill.

April 2017

What a strange spring we have had. Warm... Cold!... Warm... Cold!... etc... I know most of the US has experienced the same. We are now fulfilling orders of microwave heating pad gifts for Mother's Day. Our heat pack sets really are the perfect gift for the mom who has (almost) everything!

March 2017

Hope everyone in the NE is staying safe and warm. Always a great time to warm up with Ferapeutic Microwave Heat Pads. Our microwavable lap pad blanket is the perfect large pack to take to warm those cold sheets at night! https://www.hotcoldcomfort.com/collections/home/products/xxl-extra-large-heating-pads-microwave-heat-pack-lap-blanket-heat-body-wrap

Feb 2017

Happy Valentines Day! Check out our latest blog post about it https://www.hotcoldcomfort.com/blog/everybody-needs-love We also (finally!) started an instagram page. Please follow if you love our microwave heating pads! https://www.instagram.com/ferapeutic/

January 2017

Happy New Year from historic Kings Mountain, NC! Here at Ferapeutic, we are so excited for 2018. Look for gorgeous new fabrics and several new styles of hot/cold packs. Stay tuned!!

December 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone! So busy busy here at Feapeutic - working day and night to meet all your holiday therapy needs. We are closing on Dec. 14 for Christmas orders but are still open to ship for the New Year!

November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Ferapeutic! We are so thankful for our microwave heating pad family business. Thank YOU loyal customers who give us so much to be thankful for!

October 2017

Happy Halloween from Ferapeutic!! We are so excited to finally be able to enjoy fall in the NC mountains, rather than sweat it out in FL :-) The leaves are changing and we actually look forward to raking them up, lol.

Don't worry though - we are still diligently working to prepare for the Christmas season and will have all your microwave heating pad gift sets ready to go!!

September 2017

Ferapeutic is thriving in NC! We are so looking forward to the cool fall weather and using our heating pads to stay warm. Quite a change from FL. Gearing up for the Christmas season to provide all your gift giving needs.

August 2017

We have officially changed our company name here in NC to Ferapeutic, LLC. It seemed like a great blend of Ferris and therapeutic! You can now reach our website from www.ferapeutic.com and our tag line www.hotcoldcomfort.com

July 2017

All moved in and so excited that HotColdComfort now provides designer hot and cold packs from beautiful Kings Mountain, NC! We moved back to NC be near Chet's aging parents. The bonus is our new home has a separate dedicated workshop where we design, manufacture and ship all our cozy heating pads - such a blessing!

June 2017

We are moving to NC. Shipping will be delayed until mid June. We are so sorry for the inconvenience!

May 2017

Hot Cold Comfort by theferriswheels, llc is moving! We're headed from FL back to NC to be near family. Rest assured, our company will keep going without pause, providing the highest quality heat and cold therapy products on the market. By June, we'll have a new address - so excited but very busy!

January 2017

So sorry we are waaay behind with our updates! Happy New Year and thank you for a wonderful holiday season filled with heat packs under the tree :-) We had a great 2016 and many exciting projects for 2017. Thank you to our loyal customers from the bottom of our hearts!

October 2016

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to our dear friend Kevin Blalock. While he is at home with God, our hearts are so heavy for Liz, Reece and Hailey. You have been such devoted friends and supporters of our business; we will always be here for you.

September 2016

Back to school time. Our middle son will be starting college while our daughter is beginning her sophomore year in high school. Go Plant City Raiders!

August 2016

It's super hot here in FL and we're staying cool with HotColdComfort cold packs!

July 2016

Happy birthday, USA! Try to stay cool using our wraps as cold packs this hot summer season!!

June 2016

We just redesigned our Lower Back Heating Pad with extra wide, adjustable velcro straps. We're ready for an exciting summer, how about you?

May 2016

So much going on here at HotColdComfort by theferriswheels, llc. The biggie right now is not business related, but our middle son is graduating from high school - Congrats to Ben!! We are so blessed to have him in our life. Now, on to college...

April 2016

Our new black and white fabric is here! We're slowly updating our pictures to reflect the new black and white damask for microwave heating pads. It is the same sturdy fabric you have come to expect from HotColdComfort microwave heat packs!

March 2016

We will be adding two new fabrics to our line of microwave heating pads this spring, so stay tuned! Sally's health keeps getting better. Along with our hot and cold packs, anti inflammatories we use are fish oil and bromelain.

February 2016

Sally continues to improve from her long term illness. Along with our own hot cold packs to soothe the pain, she just finished 40 hours of HBOT. Oxygen is a great healer! Thank you so much for all your prayers :-)

January 2016

Happy New Year! We have many projects in the works for this year including new branding, products and fabrics. So excited - please check back often for what's new in heating pad design!

December 2015

What a wonderful holiday season we've had selling microwave heating pads! Thank you customers from the bottom of our hearts! After working long days to fulfill and ship every order, we have closed until January in order to take a much needed break and enjoy the season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to all of you!

November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is our fantastic customers! We'd like to give a special shout out to all the Natural Medicine Clinics, Spas, Family Pharmacies and others who stock out microwave heating pads for their local clientele. We appreciate each and every one of you more than you know!

October 2015

If you're planning on large microwave heating pad orders for the holidays, now it the time to place them! Free shipping the weekend of Oct 9-11 using the coupon code freeship1 This is our last special before the new year, so stock up now on cozy holiday heat pack gifts!

September 2015

Sorry we're so late on this update - busy busy! This is when we fill retailers' orders purchasing for Christmas. From here on out, it's all about our own retail customers and providing the perfect relaxing gift to give for the holidays!

August 2015

Well, our part time workers (teenagers) will be heading back to school soon. I'm hoping to entice them to continue working on the weekends. We have been so proud of them learning the business from the ground up - and their work of cutting and sewing the insides of our basic packs will help so much during the Christmas rush! Thanks Ben and Gracie!!

July 2015

Happy Birthday America! Hope you all have a lovely holiday (for those in the US). We're busy training our teenage son to help with cutting and shipping - we promise to make sure it's still right :-)

June 2015

Can you believe it?? It's ummer already and Fathers Day is just around the corner on June 21. Hot/Cold Packs from HotColdComfort has the perfect gift set for the Dad who has everything (else!) Fathers Day Survival Kit We're looking forward to the kids being home and having a great summer. As always, we are so grateful to each and every one of you!

May 2015

It's almost Mothers Day and we have supplied a LOT of you with unique microwave heating pad and cold pack sets to give your mom a heated hug! It is our deep pleasure to design and make such special gifts for such a special person in your life. Thank you!!

April 2015

Happy Easter! Coming Soon - Scarflette Neck Wrap Heating Pad - all the comforts of our standard neck wrap, with extra length and Velcro closure. This Neck Heat Pack is therapeutic enough for any aching neck, but stylish enough to wear as an accessory!

March 2015

We're ordering some new fabrics for spring and working on a few new hot cold pack designs. Stay tuned....

February 2015

Feeling for all of you up north! Brrrr... Great time to order a microwave heating pad to keep you warm :-)

January 2015

Happy New Year from HotColdComfort! Perfect time to stock up on heat packs for those cold winter nights. Looking forward to a great 2015!!

December 2014

Merry Christmas! Thank you for another wonderful year. We've marked all our products as sold out to take a much needed Christmas break with the family. All products will be available again by the second week in January. Thanks for your understanding and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Chet and Sally.

November 2014

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and we are working diligently to make and ship all your orders! Please try to place orders in November as we will need to cut off holiday shipping in early December. Happy Thanksgiving!!

October 2014

Happy fall, y'all! Even here in Florida, the weather has turned a bit cool, so it's a perfect time to stock up on heat packs to keep you warm on those chilly autumn nights! Our coupon code for 10% off ThankYou2014 is good through the end of October - so take advantage now to get your Christmas shopping done early!!

September 2014

We've added some fun new fabrics, so have been working over time to make prototypes. Sally just ordered a new light box and can't wait to take some new pictures! She's also designed a new product, the microwavable scarf! Product and pictures will be up soon :-)

August 2014

Can't believe summer is almost over! We're trying to get the kiddo's ready to go back to school and I've been working on our blog. It's mainly inspirational stuff with a few products thrown in.

July 2014

Just had one of our fantastic customers post a YouTube review of our products with a giveaway of one of our Office Stress Relief Sets. Check it out! HotColdComfort Review

June 2014

A very belated update! Sally has been ill with fluoroquinolone toxicity (a bad reaction to cipro and levaquin antibiotics). By the grace of God, she's fighting her way back to health. We are more than grateful for our wonderful customers and all the fantastic support! Business is good and we are so grateful to you all.

August 2013

Back to school time for us and the rest of you, I'm sure! What could be better than sending your college student off with their own comfort packs like this one Hot Cold Pack Set for College and More They'll be able to get a heated hug from you even while away at school!

As for us, we have three going back to school - two in high school, one in middle school. It's an exciting time, but wow - busy busy. However, we're never too busy to supply you with all your hot and cold pack needs, quickly and professionally :-)

July 2013

Happy 4th of July! We are super proud that all our microwave heating pads, cold packs and spritzers are handmade in the USA.

Our July is busy making and filling orders as well as working hard on our inventory for Christmas. Now's the time we order bolts and bolts of fabric and supplies.

June 2013

Well, we're entering the dog days of summer here in Florida. This is the time of year I use our cold packs on a daily basis just to cool down a bit! Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing and pain free summer!

May 2013

We're gearing up for the end of school as I'm sure many of you are. Quick reminder - HotColdComfort's Heating Pad Gift Sets make wonderful graduation presents! What a great thing to send off to college - a little heated hug when you can't be there to deliver a hug in person :-)

April 2013

HotColdComfort Coupon Code for 10% off. Use the phrase HappySpring2013 through June 30 for the discount!

We're now supplying eye pillows and small microwave heating pads to www.mamlanabox.com for their Boxes of Bliss. So honored to have our products included for all the moms to be!

March 2013

Brrr, FINALLY getting a bit of chilly weather here in FL. We're snuggling up with our microwave heating pads at night :-)

We've had some wonderful wholesale customers lately - thank you! HotColdComfort Heat Pads and Cold Packs are in spas and clinics all over the country!

February 2013

Give a heated hug for Valentines Day with HotColdComfort's soothing gift sets! Beautiful Microwave Heating Pads make the perfect, unique gift for someone you love.

We've been working hard this month with several large wholesale orders, but are still taking care with our wonderful retail customers :-) We've also ordered some new fabrics that will begin popping up on our websites and venues soon.

February has brought great sadness to our household with the loss of our precious dachshund, Beauregard. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you've come to know Beau through our Weiner Dog Wednesdays. Sadly, he was taken from us much too soon - we miss you Beau!

Janary 2013

Happy New Year! We're so excited about this year. Sally has a lot of new ideas for product design that we're hoping to work on soon. We've also expanded our fabric selections and we're adding new pictures as quickly as we can.

Thanks so much to all our wonderful customers for allowing us to provide all your microwave heating pad and cold pack needs :-)

December 2012

What a wild and wonderful holiday season we have had! Thank you to all our customers from the bottom of our hearts.

Please excuse so many 'sold out' products. We will have our entire line of hot and cold therapy packs back up for sale first thing in January (with new fabric selections to come!).

Merry Christmas everyone!!

November 2012

The holiday shopping season has begun. We are so grateful for so many repeat customers and facebook friends purchasing. Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season!

October 2012

*** Whew, busy October here with Sally having some health issues of her own. My sincere and utter empathy for anyone dealing with chronic pain.

As for the business, we are staying busy and ready for the holiday season to go into full swing!

September 2012

We've started a new Facebook page! www.facebook.com/hotcoldcomfort We're continuing our theferriswheels facebook page as well with plans in the future to merge the two. We'll be posting new products, discounts and coupon codes to both :-)

August 2012

It's back to school time, so we're gearing up to send our three kiddo's back after our nice summer break. This is also the time of year our business begins to really pick up (when the weather starts getting cooler, folks buy heat packs, imagine that :-)! Wholesale requests need to be in within the next two months for us to be able to supply for the holidays - so get your orders in now to ensure we can meet your needs!

We started August with a bit of a shock. We discovered our product pictures had been stolen by an overseas manufacturer and placed on a wholesale website. We're currently working to get our copyrighted photos and descriptions removed. It doesn't appear that the manufacturer actually makes our products, just uses the pictures to lure in orders.

Rest assured, the product designs, photos and text on our website and various selling venues are all our own. (The thumb and wrist in the pictures are even mine!) We design and handmake each therapy heat and cold pad just for you.

HotColdComfort does not authorize the use of our pictures or products by any outside vendors. If you see any of our pictures around the web that are not sold by HotColdComfort or theferriswheels (that's us too!), please let us know. We appreciate it!

July 2012

July is our month to plan for the Christmas selling season! We've been stocking up on fabric and supplies all month long. We've also made a TON of microwave heating pads, just waiting to be filled when the holiday orders start rolling in November and December.

HotColdComfort prides itself on quick shipping, so we always want to be ready to send you just the gifts you need when you need them!

We've been working on a large wholesale order for a radiology clinic. We're making small hot and cold packs for patients having their blood drawn. We're also supplying microwave heating pads for patients undergoing cancer treatment. The clinic says their patients love the comfort our products bring, and we are so humbled to be able to provide any kind of relief for those fighting cancer.

All Microwave Heat and Cold Pads are designed and handmade by Ferapeutic, LLC (www.hotcoldcomfort.com)

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206 Maner Road
Kings Mountain, NC 28086