Natural Migraine Relief Set, Cold Packs Hot Packs for Pounding Head Headache Help

Targeted Cold Packs and Hot Packs bring natural migraine relief for migraine head pounding. Relief from migraine's pain and pounding head may be eased with proper placement of hot and cold packs in our Migraine Relief Set.

Customers Say
Wonderful! The instructions are clear and this migraine treatment worked for me! Had a bad tension headache brewing after a 5 hour drive and not only did this wipe the pounding headache away, it relaxed my toes from pressing pedals. A+++++

Bought this for my fiance as a Christmas gift since he gets alot of migraines. He uses these therapy packs whenever he feels a headache coming on and he says they feel great. Thank you!

Migraine Set came just as described and shipped well. I've already tried them out (I got a migraine) but the good news is that they worked great and stopped the pounding head. Great item for the price. Thanks!
Directions: Use the neck wrap and eye pillow as ice packs COLD from the freezer. The cold packs lessen excess bloodflow which helps ease the pounding in your head. Cold Eye Pillow also helps block out bright lights.

Simultaneously, heat the footwamers in the microwave. Place either on the floor with feet directly on top or use inside a pair of socks or slippers. The heat draws the bloodflow down the body away from the head and brings more pounding head relief..

Our Migraine Relief Set Hot Cold Packs are filled with rice and flaxseed. Measurements are Neck Wrap 18" x 5", Contoured Eye Pillow 8" x 4", Footwamers 9" x 3.5".

You will be asked to choose unscented, lavender or chamomile during the check out process.

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Information about hot and cold packs for headaches is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Hot and cold therapy has been shown to be effective in pain relief, but this is not meant as medical advice or to treat or cure any specific illness. Use of targeted hot and cold packs is a comfort, not a treatment or cure.

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