In the ground

The three types of Lavender are in, we are wanting to see which grows the best and produces the best flowers and scents before we go all in on one variety.  We have also planted some onions, corn and blue lake beans.  This Saturday the okra, potatoes, watermelons will be planted.   Sorry about the random size and postions of the pictures, I am no photo editor. The last photo is one of my favorite places on the farm, down the hill heading to park the tractors.  Lavender loves hot dry weather, lets hope it gets here soon.

 The 1972 Speedex S-24, My parents small garden tractor that is perfect for certain chores

A gift for Sally!

"Phenomenal" lavender on left 2 rows, English in second back and Onions followed by Spanish Lavender

Down hill from garden, Spring is here